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How to Find a Career You Love/ Cisco Security Blog

Top 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Cybersecurity Internship/ Cisco Security Blog

Enhanced Learning & Connections: The Benefits of Hybrid + Remote Cybersecurity Internships/ Duo Security Blog

Building Connectivity and Community as a Black Leader in Tech/ Cisco Security Blog

Global Week of Giving Champions Employee Volunteering/ Cisco Security Blog

Making Products That Are Kinder than Necessary: A Product Designer's Career Path/ Duo Security Blog

From Robots to Human Needs: How to Become a Cybersecurity Product Designer/

Thriving As A Writer: Reflections on a Non-technical Job in Tech/ Cisco Security Blog

A Tech Career for Non-Engineers? From Baking Cups to Ergonomics, the Inner Workings of Tech Art Design/ Duo Security Blog

The Site Reliability and Software Engineering Soft Skills That Matter Most/ Cisco Security Blog

Kindness by Design: How Good Company Culture Shapes Work/ Duo Security Blog

How to Prepare for a Security Engineering Interview: Be Yourself/ Cisco Security Blog

10 Surprises of Remote Work from Security Engineers/ Cisco Security Blog

How to Become a Site Reliability Engineer: Never Stop Growing/ Duo Security Blog

It Started With a Sticker: What Site Reliability Engineering for Duo Looks Like/ Duo Security Blog

Rolling Up Our Sleeves: Employee Volunteers Empowered to Give Back/ Cisco Security Blog

From Austin to Sydney: How to Work From Anywhere/ Cisco Security Blog

Working From Anywhere with Purpose and Openness/ Duo Security Blog

Employee Volunteers Enrich Communities from the Farm to the Theatre and Beyond/ Cisco Security Blog

Employee Volunteer Program Supports Youth Globally/ Cisco Security Blog

The Meaning Behind the Cisco Recruitment Process/ Duo Security Blog

Know Thyself: 10 Ways to Discover Your Work Environment Needs and What It’s Really Like to Work at Cisco/ Cisco Security Blog

Learning Together: Celebrating Duo’s Culture on Hack Day/ Duo Security Blog

Advocating for Passion, Kindness and Women in STEM/ Cisco Security Blog

A Unique Cybersecurity Career Path: From Journalism to Cisco/ Cisco Security Blog

DJ Graffiti + Duo = Remote Work Culture That Unifies and Inspires/ Duo Security Blog

Cisco Talos Supports Ukraine Through Empathy/ Cisco Security Blog

What & Who You Know: How to get a job in cybersecurity with no experience/ Cisco Security Blog

Designing an Easy, Fast, and UX-Accessible Universal Prompt: Q&A with Sierre Wolfkostin/ Duo Security Blog

The More You Know: Job Searching & Interviewing/ Cisco Security Blog

Updating the Universal Prompt: Collaboration, Simplification and Democratizing Security/ Duo Security Blog

Planned Parenthood: Accessible Healthcare in Essex County/ The Montclair Girl

Jola Coffee: Hospitality Brews in North Caldwell/ The Montclair Girl

APEM Creamery: Purveyor of Unique Frozen Treats in Bloomfield/ The Montclair Girl

Outdoor Spring Escapes in Essex County/ The Montclair Girl

Flower Pop-Ups In + Around Montclair/ The Montclair Girl

A Day Trip Guide to Beacon, NY/ The Montclair Girl

A Day Trip Guide to Newburgh, NY/ The Montclair Girl

Art Supply Shops and Experiences in Essex County/ The Montclair Girl

All About Montclair's Little Treasure Thrift Shop/ The Montclair Girl

A Day Trip to Old Saybrook, Connecticut/ The Montclair Girl

Creative Classes for Adults Offered Online + In-Person/ The Montclair Girl

Community Resilience in the Face of Community Violence/ Masters Thesis

Audio & Visual 

Security at Cisco: A secure future starts with you./ Cisco YouTube

Thriving at Cisco as a Deaf Employee: Meet Julie Kramer/ Cisco YouTube

Duo Recruiting 2022/ Duo Security YouTube

Mary Kate's Adventures in AmeriCorps/ Guest on Random Acts of Weirdness Storytelling Podcast

Integrations/ Choreographer & Dancer, OnStage Dance Company

Writing & Storytelling Portfolio: About
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