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Mary Kate provided invaluable input on my essays for application to masters programs and scholarships. Her suggestions not only made for more streamlined, better flowing essays, but ones that more clearly and forcefully expressed my thoughts and intentions. She was able to see beyond the words I had written to the heart of what I was trying to express. Under her guidance, both my essays and my writing technique improved and I gained courage that helped me through the grueling application process. I could not recommend Mary Kate’s services more.

Jackie X., Graduate School Applicant

Mary Kate provided insightful, detailed edits that strengthened my personal statement for medical school. She suggested changes that streamlined my narrative while offering the nitty-gritty grammar, syntax, and word choice help that clarified my writing. I appreciated Mary Kate’s mastery of constructive criticism: all of her comments and suggestions helped me to feel encouraged about my writing process and have confidence in my personal statement. I unequivocally recommend Mary Kate for all writing help, and can attest to her superior work in the realm of admissions essays. Mary Kate is wonderful to work with, and her services are invaluable to my application’s strength.

Hannah G., Medical School Applicant

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the editing services of Mary Kate Schmermund. I have utilized Mary Kate's services for over two years. I have found her services to be professional, insightful and detail oriented. She has been able to meet all deadlines that I have provided and provide excellent feedback. She has been an awesome, calming force for me in the midst of the stress and chaos that has come with my completing a doctorate program.

Jill Denson, PhD Candidate

Mary Kate emerged as a leader when it comes to strategizing efficiency within communications and project management. Mary Kate’s problem solving is epitomized in her having designed and advocated for an organizational plan to streamline and expedite internal and external communications. She seeks and receives feedback graciously while also reaching out for what she needs in order to deliver desired results on projects. Mary Kate demonstrates an exemplary commitment to professionalism, project deliverables, and collaboration.

Amanda Pickett, Director of Programming, Voice Male Magazine

Thank you so much for your edits and feedback. It was incredibly useful. Your thoroughness was so appreciated. I submitted the application after editing and am so grateful for your perspective.

Sarah C., Job Applicant

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